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9 x 12

Acryllic paint


This is based on three generation of mothers.


Because They Can't Accept The Skin I'm In


34'x 48'

Acryllic paint


This piece, inspired by the death of James Bryd, refers to racism in America. In a place where culture should be welcome, the colour of skin make a difference of how we see each other.



God's House


18' x 20'

Acrylli paint


The body is God's house. The window is the eye to the soul. We look into the eyes but we can't see beyond that. Only God's omnipotence make Him the one who know who we are.

marie son.jpg

Raise To Splendor


36' x 40'

Acyliic paint


The adversary innately surround us trying to convince us to remain focus on worldy things. God remind us to do the opposite. When we are troubled we should Raise To Splendor



24' x 40'



When converting there are many opsticles that will influence us from changing. However staying strong will require "keeping the word of the law on your lips". The battle between the spirit and the flesh can get intense.

Counterpoint II


30' x 40'

Mixed media


In todays culture, people are restructuring their bodies. It's like saying to God "I don't like what you did". Although we are first attracted to outside apperance, beauty start from the heart.

Counterpoint III


30' x 40'

Mixed media


Another part of seeing the beauty from within. Celebrate the body God gave you and be happy in it.

Beauty on the Sunset


13.5 x 23.5'


This is a play piece that implied to men "when you see me look me in the eyes".

From Him Came Them


16' x 20'

Acryllic painting


God created the world and everything in it. Then He created us.




32' x 48'

Acryllic painting


Reading Song of Solomon is like reading a love story. Though it depicts the love Christ has for His church, the feeling of compassion is there.

In My 4our Corner Room


18' x 24'

Acryllic painting


This displaymany feelings when we work our problems without God. We reside in our own understanding

Art uncle_edited.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Wright


18' x 20'

Acryllic Painting


Great Neighbors and parents



28' x 42'

Acyllic painting


Cherubim are often confused as people who have passed on. They are a seperate entity from humans and they are powerful and at God's command.

The Pentatuch


36' x 50'

Acryllic paint


The first 5 books of scripture outline God's attempt to gain the trust of His people.

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