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Alumnus of
Howard University
College of Fine Arts. As a student of Howard Jeff Fox

worked as a freelance artist providing logos, flyers, small brochures, while participating in fine art exhibits. He partnered with international artist Bernard Brooks as a protege' during his final years attending Howard.

After graduating from Howard Jeff Fox  became involved as a self-employed artist. Implimenting his skills from art work shops he taught art through the YWCA program. One of his first major commissions was an illustration for The Congressional Black Caucus dinner booklet. Also, volunteer work for Washington DC sport writer Harold Bell Jeff eventually became employed with Advanced Technology Inc. which relied on technical illustrations, charts and graphs and some minor commercial illustrations  to compliment government contracts. However he never strayed far from working commercially creating character illustrations for private writers and participating in the fine art shows when permitted.

While employed as a technical illustrator the mechanics of layout and design begin to change from board arts to computers. He evolved with creating graphics using the Mac computer.

Moving forward he continued to apply his skills with the computer which he used to became  a Medical Dental illustrator at Howard University College of Dentistry.

While employed at Howard he developed a style of characters used as a means for  contributing to the aid of teaching kids and adults the importance of oral hygiene as well as oral health. His responsibilities ranged from illustrations to published material involving oral health.

After a short stay at Howard he decided to return as a freelance artist. However he decided to focus on building his fine art style of painting and illustration. Realizing his love for all aspects of art, Jeff decided to return to his roots as an illustrator and designer along with continuing to build his collection of acryllic paintings. pen and ink drawings and some mixed media artwork.

Jeff love variety and the challenge freelance offers. Meeting clientele and solving design and illustrations issues are what he love about the challenege. At anytime he welcome commisioned artwork and look forward to accenting a office, home or publication with his style of art.

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